Viral Launch Review - The Ultimate Moneymaking Guide 2020

written on 21/Friday/February/20 10:42

Hot, steamy features are what endear Viral Launch to so many Amazon dealers. The basic contraption is dedicated to enable FBA retailers launch products on Amazon even for those without prior experience in digital marketing. VL is highly usable with top-line features that will steady your ship & launch your merchandise successfully.

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What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is an application that provides market aptitude to inform you about merchandise performance. Viral launch saves precious time by helping you decipher items that are killing it in the market. Viral Launch has a database of over 350 million Amazon products, it features one the deepest, most systematic databases & market intelligence entryway for the Amazon landscape.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral launch bombards discounts worth 15% (lifetime discount) to on-board new customers. Retailers can also find get coupon codes over the web, in addition to worthwhile lifetime deals. VL rolls out 4 premium plans:

Beginner - 50 dollars per-month with market intelligence & Item Discoverability

Pro - 83 dollars per-month, inclusive of Item Discoverability, Market Intelligence, competitor intelligence, list analyzer & Key-word research.

Brand Builder - 125 dollars per-month, inclusive of Market Intelligence & Item Discoverability

Kinetic- 166 dollars per-month, sponsored ad management, inclusive of Market Intelligence, Item Discoverability, & category search

Viral Launch Market-segments

Viral launch is utilizable in Canada, Italy, the United States, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Spain, & Germany.

Viral Launch features:

Market intelligence

Market Intelligence is a tool that provides you product discoverability in a chosen niche segment. With the info provided, you can verify item ideas & decide whether a segment does not suit you.

Market intelligence parses through billions of veritable Amazon data, over numerous categories. It displays real-time timeline sales figures, through front-line algorithms to compute one of the most correct Amazon sales estimators.

Key-word Analysis

There are no sales estimating with proper key-word research as this is the “key” to gain access to various item segments. The key-word research tab helps you to scan for search volumes of each item. This is a viable means of visualizing the sales propensity of a market segment. Rule of thumb is the greater the volume of search, the higher the competitiveness.

So, your mission is to look for a high-demand segment & lean adversary. Viral Launch smartly elongates keywords, generating new product-to-niche ideas. Typing “running shoes.” The next result could be “running shoes for kids,” a 5 th result could be “running shoes for overweight women.” Key-phrase research tracks the performance of merches for its adaptation to teeming customers.

Sales Estimator

Sales Estimator by Viral Launch enables you to know how exactly the item will perform & how to bolster sales return for the highest-possible revenue margins.

VL BSR Trends

This is a trend metric tool that brings you high-demand items with high sales margins. this gives you insights as to what customers desire the most right now. The BSR alongside the Product Idea Grading helps you decide whether an item is worth vending.

Final note

Viral launch, though a handy research facilitator with a lot of in-suite gizmos you can bank on, is fairly basic compared to industry leaders like Sellics or Jungle Scout. On the cost side of things, the application is costly. You might want to start with the one-month subscription & find an Amazon item that is suitable for you.


How can I terminate viral launch account?

Viral launch makes account cancellation a hassle-free endeavor. First, tender a cancellation petition [email protected] , & their consumer reps with effectuate accordingly. Delete your account by heading to the Launchpad & clicking the Account tab on the left-hand side. Click settings in the superseding drop-down, taking you to a pane where you can hit billing & terminate by hitting cancel.

Can I use free trial?

There is a free viral launch trial window of fourteen days. The free trial window does not need your credit card info.

Is Viral Launch accurate?

VL is quite accurate when it boils down to deciding the volume of sales for a particular item. New Amazon retailers would find stats from Market Intelligence very detailed & enabling.

Meta Description: Millions of sellers are hounding Amazon to take a piece of the billion-dollar business. Waste little time as newbie & making money from the get-go with Viral Launch.

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